Defining Your Blogging Goals

Blogging goals are a vastly important aspect of growth as a content curator, whether it’s in internet marketing or for personal use. It’s tough when you know you want to start a blog, but there are so many options – so many possibilities. It’s no simple task to narrow these possibilities down.

In reality, it’s not easy for a reason. Defining your blogging goals does become more familiar, but each time you start over it’s a routine that cannot be avoided. It’s essential, though, to creating a successful strategy for your new blog.

The more you work towards making a better product, the more whole your ideas will become. That’s why we’re going to discuss the kind of growth that happens when you get through planning your blog and how much more growth will occur as you continue to realize your vision.

What’s the Purpose?

An early folly for most bloggers is having fantastic ambition, but no way to define their blogging goals.

For a blog to be successful it must have unique purpose, and it must have a niche that delivers content to a group who wants to read it. One of the biggest issues we are able to isolate in the early blogging routine is that many people struggle in differentiating their materials from more competitive and successful blogs that already exist.

You’re setting yourself up for a rough time if you don’t address this issue early on. That’s why it’s one of the most important blogging goals that exists. What’s the purpose, and why doesn’t it matter?

Ask Yourself Questions

Defining what you want to do as a blogger is done more easily if you ask yourself pertinent content questions.

  • What do I want to write about?
  • Who is it for?
  • How useful will it be?
  • Will it be unique enough to succeed?

Find Your Personality

After asking yourself these questions, you can start to isolate ways that make your blog a useful experience for its users. Don’t let those questions scare you, either. It’s not about coming up with completely fresh and unprecedented ideas.

It’s about finding your personality as a blogger. People will return and subscribe to your updates because they want your take, and these are the visitor conversions that matter.

blogging goalsEvaluate As You Go

You have to get started eventually. Sitting on ideas for too long won’t let you discover how to present them. In this case, after you have defined your purpose enough to begin publishing content, you are ready to evaluate your ideas and consider ways to improve.

One of the best things about being a blogger is the growth you experience as you learn new things. It’s evident, and the satisfaction of success can’t quite be compared to anything else. This makes the time you take evaluating your approach incredibly valuable.

Watch for Progress

The most important of aspect of evaluation comes from understanding where you’re making improvements as a creator of content. It can be frustrating when you’re not getting immediate results, but starting with the negatives doesn’t motivate you.

Look for your successes and build your strategy to amplify them. Once you’ve achieved some level of improvement, you can then focus on your weak areas. It’s all about reinforcement of the idea that your goals are attainable and that progress is imminent.

Set New Blogging Goals

Trying something new or brave is nearly always rewarded. You should make it a point to set new blogging goals each month, and approach issues you’ve stayed away from previously. Try to learn about a new topic and share what you’ve learned with your readers, or dig deep for areas of expertise you’ve never written on before.

I often find myself thinking about new writing topics that I never even considered before. In that moment, though, I always ask why I didn’t think to write on that issue before. All it takes is a little thinking and creativity, which only improves with time.

Create Strategies and Routines

The final consideration I want to make is with regard to how blogging goals can be translated into strategy and routine.

The reason for this is that it can become overwhelming to have so many goals and little direction. After you’ve defined the purpose of your blog, begun putting content out and evaluating ways to improve, you can begin putting your blogging goals to work for you.

Let your goals become a reflection of how often you want to post, the length of the content and ways to engage the audience. When people read your blog they will return for very specific reasons. If you post often, you might be a go-to source for frequent and useful material. If you take more time and make more in-depth content, however, you will have an audience who visits for that reason, too.

You can decide many of these aspects of your blog simply by creating a basic routine. Posting every day of the week is a good idea if you can manage it, but not everyone is interested in doing that – especially at the beginning. You have to find a balance between stepping out of your comfort zone and working within a schedule you can maintain.

In this way, it’s incredibly important to make decisions about these factors in order to create better chances of success.

My Challenge For You

Either today or tomorrow I challenge you to do something differently on your blog. Whether you’re strategizing a new website, or working on an existing project, don’t be afraid to use a productive mentality.

This mentality will promote your ability to create success online, and it will reflect in your efforts across the board. Defining the purpose, evaluating the content and creating strategy will round out your effort and solidify its foundation. Only from there can you build a truly rewarding blog – one from which others will begin to learn and emulate.

Got questions or comments about this particular issue? Perhaps your own blogging tips to share? I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

Originally published for on June 17, 2013.