My Story

I come from a very small town in central Kansas. I grew up in and around that area until attending college at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, where I lived for six years pursuing my Master of Architecture degree. Coupling that endeavor with a penchant for website development, I have spent much of my life around computers and technology in general.

I have traveled to and lived in the bush in both Nepal and Kenya, with plans to return to these locations and others for my non-profit endeavors. Though I grew up in Kansas, I am a recent transplant to Colorado Springs, where I am working and living amongst friends.

In my free time I am constantly playing or writing music. Recently, my metal project known as Marsh of Swans completed and released its first EP. My background in music has been a lifetime journey. I enjoyed picking up toy guitars at a very young age, which turned into actual guitar lessons and eventually taking on my own instruction through YouTube and other online resources at the age of 13. Over the years I would discover my love for heavy music and that motivated me more than anything to continue learning. I’m extremely thankful for this passion, as it is both a cure-all and integral component of my existence.

When I need to decompress without thinking too much, I very much enjoy gaming in numerous forms, reading, hanging out with my close friends and discovering new and exciting places close by.

My most personal and driving goal is to lead a meaningful life, and to continually seek challenges that help me grow. I’m enjoying building this story along the way.