Architectural Design

Trained with a Master of Architecture degree, my focus on space and environment design has mostly dealt with the spectrum of sustainability in developing countries. I am experienced both in domestic firm environments and working in the field to develop strategies that serve the best possible purpose for human use and interaction.

My endeavors to understand the spaces we build has led me to extensive writing on theoretical and engagement-based subjects in architecture, as well as the presentation of design as it relates to specific contexts. I have specialized in creating both the narrative and design concepts for Smart Cities infrastructures and helped strategize urban infill plans in low-income zones and with vulnerable portions of the population.

Moving forward, I have an interest in continuing to write on the subject, but also maintain loose plans to go forward with my doctorate following a few years of activity in the profession.


Open World Cause

My ultimate passion is to continue researching, doing field work and discovering the potentials available to our society through better developmental access to education, clean water and health evaluations in the Open World Cause. As Chief of Operations, my duties involve complete oversight of the organization and its finances, infrastructure and Board of Directors.

Having traveled to areas of the world where the interface of architecture and design deserve to be re-thought and re-strategized, I am also excited to unify both my understanding of the built environment and my sensitivity to vernacular, localized solutions for our partnered communities.


Social Media and Website Development

When not focused on the above items, I am constantly finding ways to stay busy via my freelancing business. Starting with various forum softwares and site-builders in the mid 00’s, I eventually worked to create numerous successful websites using the WordPress content management platform in addition to small development projects involving heavy manipulation of HTML, CSS and Javascript functionalities.

I have been privileged to work with a variety of people in creating web presence solutions that help realize their dreams. While not developing, I often offer social media management services in tandem with consulting on development topics concerning WordPress and various site-building platforms.

Below you can find some of the companies and brilliant individuals I’ve had the privilege to work with.